Kees as photographer

Since a number of years I photograph concerts of folk music bands at events like Castlefest, Elfia and events in Germany like the Festival Mediaval or the MPS. Sometimes I do model and cosplay photography. See my photos on Flickr.

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In 2018 I won at the Bastaard Fantasy Awards the award for best fantasy foto of 2017.

Award beste foto 2017

In 2020 at the Celtcast Fantasy Awards I won the 2019 Lifetime Achievement award. A great honour.

Lifetime award 2019


Kees as a storyteller

I think it is important to remember the past. You can see this at my other activities:

The Evoluon

The Evoluon and its place in the history of Eindhoven have always interested me. That is why I built a website about it. You can find a lot of information on my site about the science museum that used to be in this unique building.


I also own a GMC CCKW 353 which I use to visit second world war remembrance events. I did need to get a truck drivers license first to be able to drive it.

Antique computers

I own a collecton of old computers. If you want to understand how current computers work, you need to understand what was before them. See a tour of my house here!